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YBy Alissa Reinhardour home should be your sanctuary. A gracious space in which to gather with friends and family. The one place whereyou can relax, feel comfortable, be yourself. Your home should be a reflection of you! At Hill Country Decorating Den and Interiors, Jodie Harding, Interior Decorator, has created a team where the possibilities are truly endless. There’s no job too big or too small, no challenge too daunting – every member of the Harding team is ready to work together to find the best possible solution for each client.Hill Country Decorating Den and Interiors is – as true San Antonians would say – the “whole enchilada.”“We do everything from staging your home or office for resale, full remodels of bathrooms or kitchens, to a complete gut of the entire house,” stated Harding. “Our company is also passionate about interior and exterior design of your home, clubhouse, retail or commercial office. Hill Country Decorating Den and Interiors extends their decorating services through the 48+ year franchise Hill Country Decorating Den Interiors which affords Harding and her team unlimited access to top quality home furnishing manufacturers. Decorating and designing – transforming a house into your home should not be stressful nor difficult.In fact, quite the opposite! Decorating and design can be a fun and exciting experience with the help of Harding and her team.“Several years ago, I came across Decorating Den Interiors and fell in love with the company and the concept,” Harding explained. “Once I started, I never looked back. We make the whole process of interior design easy and fun for our clients.” With thousands of samples of top quality home furnishings and products from drapery, blinds, shades, furniture, bedding, lighting, accessories, artwork, floor and wall coverings, and more – Harding brings the showroom to you.“This way we can select the colors and textures in the comfort of the client’s own environment, immersed in the actual lighting, space and lifestyle where we will be working,” she explained. “It’s the best way to guide our ultimate design and product decisions. What could be easier?”Then, the fun begins! Jodie and her team coordinate everything – from measuring to product ordering, and finally, installation. “We handle it all, helping to make the client’s life easier and save them valuable time and money.”Not many people have an unlimited budget for remodel or design and time is always of the essence. Hill Country Decorating Den and Interiors understands that the client’s needs, taste and budget always come first.“We realize that our taste might differ from the client’s,” explained Harding. “And while we do show designs that might be out of their comfort zone, we do this to help open their eyes and imagination to the many different options out there. But in the end, the client always makesthe final decision. We are decorating for our clients, not for ourselves, and we are dedicated to designing a space that reflects their personality and is within their budget.”Perhaps one of the biggest advantages of working with an interior designeris their ability to naturally pull a room together. Harding’s ability to work with her clients to achieve the exact look they desire is truly what sets her apart.“I love to work with the client who is just stuck and doesn’t know what to do with a room or a space,” Harding stated. “To be able to show people - no matter what their budget may be - that we can do something beautiful, that’s what makes me happy and that’s what matters to me.”Recently, Hill Country Decorating Den and Interiors was privileged to work with a long- time client on redecorating several rooms in her home. One room she was particularly excited about was the powder room – a room often looked over because of its smaller size. But this client wanted to make a statement!“We added metallic wallpaper, painted the ceiling a vibrant plum, added unbelievable sconces, artwork, and a mirror that you could practically hear shout ‘Darling, you look marvelous!’” said Harding. “And when we wrapped up the finishing touches, the client was speechless. All she could do was jump up and down and hug the entire staff. It was the best moment. I couldn’thave asked for a better reaction.”Whether you’re looking to redecorate oneroom, start from scratch, or design a brand new home – Hill Country Decorating Den and Interiors can transform your space into a custom- designed home that reflects you and only you. Maybe it’s your office space that needs a facelift, or you’re looking for help staging your home to put it on the market.“Every person involved in our project, from the client to the decorator, the decorator’s assistant, contractor, installer, etc. is a team member, and when challenges arise, we work together as a team to find a solution.”“I’m so thrilled to be able to share my passion with Helotes and San Antonio,” stated Jodie. “Every project is different – it’slike a crayon box, every house is adifferent color. I just love it.”2017-2018www.GreatNWGuide.com23Hill Country Decorating Den Interiors210-410-6600Jodie HardingFeature

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