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Express Oil Change & Tire EngineersYour One-Stop Complete Automotive Service ProviderBFy Alissa Reinhardor 36 years, Express Oil Change & Tire Engineers has meticulously refined their oil change process in order to give customers the quickest oil change possible while still providing only the highest quality ofservice, customer care and premium vehicle maintenance checks. With over 200 locations across the South, you can now find an Express Oil Change & Tire Engineers in your backyard, located on Westwood Loop off Culebra in Alamo Ranch.Oil changes are a service that we all, as drivers, need. The frequency of when you need an oil change varies by make, model and the amount of time you spend on the road – but regardless, it’s a standard service that no customer should have to allot a significant amount of time from their day to complete. It should not be a headache, nor a hassle. In fact, Express Oil Change & Tire Engineers believes you shouldn’t even have to step foot outside your car for an oil change. So that’s the way it’s done, and has been done for over three decades. Quick, convenient and to the point. No appointment is ever needed, there’s no pressure to buy an additional services or part, and no recommendations for services that are not immediately needed.In addition, every oil change at Express Oil Change includes a complementary 20 point safety travel check where a certified technician will check and top off fluid levels, check belts and hoses, safety check exterior lights, check battery, filters, wipers, tire wear, and more.Express Oil Change’s Alamo Ranch location was the first location in San Antonio and now there is a location serving New Braunfels. Celebrating the business’ second year anniversary last month, owner Rick Matthews, feels honored to have provided the community with a service he felt was very much in need.“As a San Antonio area resident, I had experienced other models of the oil change and auto service business, and I didn’t like the way I was treated,” explained Matthews. “I didn’t like that they didn’t honor my time. A service that should have taken 10-15 minutes was eating up a whole hour of my day. And no one likes to be pressured into making a purchase they are unsure about or leave a business feeling burned. I wanted to bring something different to the community that people could really feel comfortable coming to and making a part of their regularly scheduled auto maintenance and more.”At Express Oil Change, the commitment to you, the customer is quality work, friendliness and integrity. There’s pride in the workmanship, a commitment to efficiency and convenience, and a spirit of friendliness and enthusiasm.“There’s a number of things that make us different, but the main two are our philosophy and our focus,” explained Matthews. “Our staff never will force a sale. We will instead make recommendations based on our analysis and observations or that of your vehicle’s manufacturer so your can leave with the knowledge you need to make the right decision for you, your vehicle and your budget. If we are pushing a product or service on you, who are we looking out for? Not you, and not your pocketbook. That’s not how we operate.”“Our focus is on the automobile and the maintenance at hand,” continued Matthews. “This makes for a comfortable environment where our technicians and mechanics are perceived as a source of reliable information, not as a salesperson.”In addition to oil change services, Express Oil Change offers a number of services to keep your vehicle running like it should, including manufacturer- recommended scheduled maintenance, check-ups, tune ups, repairs and more.“I want our customers to know that they can depend on us to keep theirvehicle(s) running like they should,” explained Matthews. “We are a one-stop- shop, we are genuinely interested in you, the customer, and your vehicle first, not the bottom line. A recommendation for new tires doesn’t come with a horror story or a sales pitch, it comes with an estimate and ability to service the vehicle right then and there – if that’s what the customer wants.”“In our model, the customer wins first, the employee second, and the company third,” added Matthews. “This is a well-ingrained philosophy that I have carried throughout my life and one that is deeply implemented in the history of Express Oil Change.”As a part of Express Oil Change & Tire Engineer’s name, tire services are one of their specialties. Express Oil Change offers a number of tire services at the same convenience of other express services. Just like regular oil changes are essential to your automobile’s engine, having your tires serviced regularly (balanced, rotated, aligned) helps to maintain longevity and ensure safety on the road. If it’s new tires you need, Express Oil Change offers extensive selection of brand names at competitive prices.Express Oil Change also offers air conditioning services, brake services, computer diagnostic, engine repair, fuel system cleaning, and more.“We are excited to see our customer base steadily expanding into the mechanical services we provide, and I know we will continue to grow,” stated Matthews.Express Oil Change is staffed with ASE-certified technicians who are trained to meet all your automotive tune-up needs. You can depend on reliable service from trained and knowledgeable professionals assisted by state-of-the-art equipment and premium parts.“I absolutely love this place,” one Express Oil Change customer stated in an email survey completed after her visit to the Alamo Ranch location.“I am always treated with the utmost respect and leave with peace of mind that my vehicle was given the time and attention it needs to get my five children to and from all of the places we go every day.”The focus of every business should be a premium level of service and customer care, but unfortunately, that’s not always what the consumer finds. But at Express Oil Change & Tire Engineers, Matthews and his staff have made a commitment to the community to carry forth the tradition of quality work, friendliness and integrity so deeply instilled in this auto business.“I consider San Antonio my home, it’s filled with the people I love, and I’m proud to bring a good, quality service to the area,” concluded Matthews. “I want to make sure that we are always toeing the line and following the processes and procedures in place in order to ensure that we are successful, our customers are satisfied and every vehicle that passes through our shop is properly maintained. And that our customers trust us. That’s the motivation behind it all.”(830) 609-www.expressoil.comAlamo Ranch Location Express Oil Change 11105 Westwood Loop San Antonio, TX 78253 (210) 688-0323New Braunfels Location Express Oil Change 1794 West State Hwy 46 New Braunfels, TX 78132 (830 )609-94972017-2018 www.GreatNWGuide.com27Feature

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