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ABy Alissa Reinhards any homeowner knows, it’s impossible to expect the unexpected, but it is possible to be prepared. We have homeowner’s insurance in case disaster strikes. Maybe we even have a service plan for our heating and cooling system to make sure that it is operating optimally. But do we have something similar in place for our plumbing? Tietze Plumbing in Helotes has been serving South Texas for 30 years, offering all general plumbing repair and maintenance services, including annual service plan designed to help maintain and prevent large plumbing problems and costs.The plumbing in your home is a lot like your body’s circulatory system. A healthy circulatory system means healthy blood flow from the lungs pumped via the heart through the arteries. If an artery is clogged or occluded, the blood cannot get to the heart, leading to a major health issue, like a heart attack. In comparison, a clogged or leaking pipe in your home caused by sediment build up or another obstruction, like a tree root, can cause the plumbing system to malfunction. That means major problems for your home, just like a clogged artery means a major problem for your health.At Tietze Plumbing, owners Steve and Tracy Tietze have been providing expertise in specialized plumbing needs since 1986. Family-owned and operated, the Tietzes have roots in the Helotes area dating back several generations to the founding families of the Helotes and Leon Valley areas. While in college on a baseball scholarship, Steve worked summers as an apprentice plumber. In 1986, he obtained his Responsible Master Plumbers license and opened Tietze Plumbing. Around the same time, the Tietzes started their family raising their three daughters in Helotes. Tracy, a retired Northside Independent School District principal, recently took over the front office duties of the business from her mother, who had helped Steve hit the ground running three decades ago.“We are family-owned, honest, up-front and fair,” stated Tracy. “If we make a mistake, we own it and we will take care of it, guaranteed. Our customers are our friends and we want to keep our customers for life. That’s more valuable to us than anything. What you see is what you get at Tietze.”A lot of people tend to use a handyman when it comes to plumbing needs, but if the work is not done correctly, you may be at risk for more extensive repairs down the road. Even more of a concern, the safety of your water could also be in jeopardy. Tietze Plumbing is a bonded and insured company which employs only licensed and certified plumbers. The right plumbing contractor can make all the difference in getting your plumbing repairs or project done right the first time. Experience counts for a lot. Tietze Plumbing will only provide you with top notch commercial and residential remodeling and repairs.“For the safety and the health of your water, it’s important to contact a licensed plumber who is experienced,” explained Tracy. “It takes a plumber four years to get a license and code is updated continuously. If something goes wrong, you’re going to need to depend on an insured, accredited individual or company to make sure they are able to fix the problem quickly and professionally. You just don’t have that level of reliability with a handyman.”As your professional plumber, Tietze Plumbing offers a wide range of services including water heater problems, sewer repair, waterline leaks, and more including remodel and repair jobs. Service plans are also available – a preventive, proactive plan that assists customers in budgeting to help avoid large plumbing problems and costs.“Our service plans include two visits per year – one in spring and one in fall,” explained Tracy. “With this plan, you also become a preferred customer and will receive a 10 percent discount for any repair needed.”Did you know that it is recommended to flush out your water heater every six months to prevent sediment build up – especially in areas with hard water like South Texas? The service plans at Tietze Plumbing include this service in addition to a bi-annual inspection of your water softener, all drains, all toilets, hose bibb and faucet, water heater and more.The level of service you can expect at Tietze has been uncompromised for 30 years. First-time customers become long-time customers due to the honesty, professionalism and experience of each and every Tietze employee.“When my husband decided to start this business all those years ago, he set a high standard and he had big goals,” explained Tracy. “And he continues to be successful. I think when you’re a small business owner, especially in this line of work, you have to have a lot of pride in what you do. You have to be able to make adjustments and balance so many different things, and he was able to do that.”As Tietze Plumbing has grown, so has the Tietze family. Tracy and Steve’s son-in-law joined the family business and is currently in the process of obtaining his Responsible Masters Plumber’s license. Tracy’s mother, although retired, still helps out in the front office with her daughter. And the newestTietze, a grandson, completes the family circle!“That’s another thing about our business – we center it around family,”stated Tracy. “It’s always been the most important thing.”The high level of service and expertise at Tietze Plumbing also makescustomers quickly feel like family – treated fairly and with respect.Ken and Yolanda Lillis called Tietze Plumbing for repairs in their home, andfrom the very first phone call, they knew they were in good hands.“No, Tietze Plumbing is not related to us, but after talking to Tracy and explaining our plumbing needs, she made us feel like family,” the Lillis’ explained. “The overall service given by their plumbers was over the top. After the repairs were completed and everything was brought up to code, they did a walk-through of our home to set up future repairs in stages so that it would not become a major expense. We will only use Tietze Plumbing for our futureplumbing needs.”Will Gottschalk, another customer, echoes the sentiment.“Great company, good people, and they always get the job done quickly...and right the first time,” he added. “They’re my choice for all my plumbing needs.”Family-owned and operated since 1986, Tietze is the only name you need to know when it comes to plumbing. No matter your needs – residential, commercial, emergency or routine maintenance – you can trust that the job will be done professionally, as quoted, on time and by someone you can trust. Because one never realizes importance of a professional plumber until the exact moment they need one!Tietze Plumbing Lic# M-16956 10545 FM 1560 N 210-688-3350 www.tietzeplumbing.com2017-2018 www.GreatNWGuide.com31Feature

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