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The Leader In Educational Child CareEBy Alissa Reinhardvery parent wants to provide his or herchild with the perfect learning environmentbeginning at an early age. A great education creates a sturdy foundation on which your child’s success can grow. At Primrose School at Sonoma Ranch, owners Terry and Monica Snow have cultivated such a setting – a perfect mix of structure and education filled with love and joy – for the past decade.The Snows’ love for teaching, combined with their united passion to make a difference in the lives of others inspired the husband and wife team to open a preschool. Primrose’s curriculum, structure, and standards matched the values they hoped to instill a school of their own.“We both knew that we wanted the same things out of life – to work with children, give back to the community and make a significant impact on the lives of others,” explained Terry. “Primrose gave us the foundation to do all of these things.”Primrose School at Sonoma Ranch celebrated their 10th anniversary this January, a huge milestone for the entire Primrose family. The school still has five original staff members and over a dozen teachers who have been with Primrose for over five years – a testament to the working environment filled with creative freedom, support and teamwork.“We’ve had success with staff retention over the years and as such, have developed wonderful relationships with our team members,” Terry said. “Their sense of loyalty and appreciation is priceless.”Jami Chavarria, a Pre-K teacher at Primrose since the school opened, explains how Primrose is different from other early learning centers.“Primrose is a private preschool that provides premiere early education and child care for children,” she explained. “We are not a daycare. Every teacher here takes pride in our classroom, our students, our curriculum. We make sure we are prepared for what each and every day may bring, and we are totally dedicated to helping each child and their family meet their goals. As a teacher, there is no other place that I can see myself.”Primrose welcomes parents to enroll their children in the school as early as six weeks old. The Infant Classroom includes an abundance of delightful opportunities for your baby to enjoy, observe, and explore. Safety is a huge priority and the environment created encourages the development of active minds, healthy bodies and happy hearts.Toddler, Early Preschool, Preschool, Pre- Kindergarten, and Kindergarten Classrooms are all developed and based upon the Primrose curriculum which is constantly growing, changingand adapting to our children’s educational needs. The Balanced Learning® curriculum you find at one Primrose will mirror that of any other Primrose School across the country. A healthy mix of Child Initiated and Teacher Guided learning help children experience a structured learning environment while still enjoying play and creativity.Training for all Primrose staff and teachers is instructive, thorough and detailed. Clear expectations paired with the necessary resources support the objective to meet each child’s needs.“Teachers at Primrose are able to use their creativity and challenge themselves while receiving support from leadership,” added Chavarria. “I love the curriculum that we employ here at Primrose. Children learn better when they are engaged, and my students come in every morning with a smile ready to begin the day. The entire staff is wonderful and respectful and Terry and Monica are always available.”Monica, a teacher herself, has seen her role in the school evolve into a mentor for a new generation of teachers. She is inspired by their willingness to learn and make a difference and she knows it’s their passion that makes Primrose such a wonderful place for children to grow and learn.“I feel a great deal of passion to help teachers,” Monica explained. “I’m dedicated to helping them grow individually. That’s what keeps me going. I love to see them succeed and witness the impact they have on their students.”Savannah Arvizu, a Primrose teacher of five years, is the Lead Explorer teacher. She works with school-aged children aged K-5.“My time at Primrose has been a huge learning experience,” Arvizu explained. “I’ve learned so much about children, about teaching, about the impact I have on their lives. It’s a very rewarding career in a very rewarding place.”“Primrose is just different from other preschools,” Arvizu continued. “We provide a curriculum in which students can learn while having fun. It’s amazing to see how quickly they respond and pick up on things and enjoy learning. It’s a great feeling.”Primrose has only the highest standards when it comes to early childcare, early childhood education, and perhaps most importantly, providing a safe and loving place for children. Kristi Pipes, a Primrose parent for nine years, has watched her children grow and learn from the Infant program all the way through Kindergarten.“Not only has Primrose taught my children to be kind and well-mannered, but they have also provided a fun and joyful environment which mykids simply enjoy,” said Pipes. “As a family with two working parents, knowing our children are cared for at Primrose of Sonoma Ranch, really puts our minds and hearts at ease during the work day.”When choosing a preschool or early learning center, parents have many questions, but oftentimes don’t know where to start. Terry and Monica can assist in the process, asking parents what they want out of their child’s preschool education. At Primrose, a long-tenured staff quickly becomes more like family while helping create a stable and consistent environment that feels like home. Safety is of primary importance – from ensuring perimeter safety to pick-up lists and medical issues – all staff is on the same page and cognizant of all processes, procedures and precautions. No concern or issue is too small – instead an open conversation is always encouraged.Dorothy Plata, another tenured employee, has been with Primrose at Sonoma Ranch since the day they opened their doors over 10 years ago. She works with Primrose’s youngest students, aged six weeks to nine months, as Infant Room Lead Teacher and Mentor Teacher. Plata’s true calling, what she has always been meant to do, is to work with children. Her time at Primrose has been incredibly rewarding.“Primrose is a wonderful school to work for,” she added. “The staff is friendly and supportive, the teachers work incredibly well together, and the parents are amazing. From the top down, we work together as a team which makes coming to work every day a great experience.”A great teacher is an invaluable asset at any school. The Snows value the importance of the position and provide their employees with the necessary tools and support to succeed. Over the past decade, the Snows and their dedicated staff have seen over 1,200 children and their families pass through their doors.“Watching theseto me, that’s the greatest gift there is,” described Terry. “ It’s more than just a business.... We have a passion for our employees, the children, the parents, and we truly enjoy becoming a part of so many families.”Primrose School at Sonoma Ranch 14875 Kyle Seale ParkwaySan Antonio, Texas 78255 210-372-1488 www.primrosesonomaranch.comchildren grow up,32www.GreatNWGuide.com2017-2018Feature

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