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Strengthening the Pillars of Wellness At Alamo RanchIntegrative MedicineBTy A l i s s a R e i n h a r dhe body is an amazing machine comprised of many intricate systems. If just one thing falls out of balance, it can be difficult to feelgood and be our best self. Dr. Teofilo R. Sanchez III, MD takes a holistic, integrative approach to medicine, through extensive testing and treating the root of the problem in order to ensure that all systems are working in sync.Dr. Sanchez opened his practice, Alamo Ranch Integrative Medicine, in April of 2015. With over 10 years of medical experience in a traditional, primary care setting, he decided it was time to open his own office where he could address the full spectrum of his patients’ health. This includes digging deep into his patients’ health history, evaluating every aspect of their physical, emotional, spiritual and personal lives.“In other places where I’ve worked, more corporate systems and multi-doctor settings, the whole patient wasn’t accounted for,” explained Dr. Sanchez of his decision to open Alamo Ranch Integrative Medicine. “They would refer a lot of things out to specialists, they wouldn’t address nutrition, weight loss, detox of the body, anti-aging – all those things. When I was under someone else’s medical direction, they didn’t understand... why did I want to do things differently? When I got the opportunity to open my own practice, I knew I wanted to do it my way, with more of a holistic approach.”Dr. Sanchez was always one to ask the question, “why.”Hewantedtoknowwhythingsaredonethe way they are, and he didn’t accept the standard answer... “because it’s just the way it’s always been done.”“I was seeing patients over and over who were taking their medication and not feeling any better,” explained Dr. Sanchez. “They weren’t wrong or crazy, I knew something wasn’t right. My whole job, as a physician, is to ease the suffering of others and cure disease – it’s not about prescribing a lot of pills.”Dr. Sanchez has dedicated his career to fighting ailments, illness and disease in his patients with every tool possible instead of just prescription medication. This includes modifications to diet, supplements, vitamins, detoxification, etc.“If you know the pathway, and what belongs in the pathway, why don’t we put everything we can into the patient to benefit them and see what happens?” he explained.Dr. Sanchez sees patients of all ages (5 and up) at his office. His services include anything from physicals/wellness checks to chronic disease management and everything in between including anti aging therapy, hormone therapy, skin care, weight loss and management, thyroid and adrenal treatment and more. Specialized blood tests helpDr. Sanchez learn how to best treat a patient, checking everything from vitamin and hormone levels to weight loss and sugar control.“My basic testing is very advanced,” explained Dr. Sanchez. “Different than 90-95 percent of other physicians out there, even those in internal medicine and other specialists. I’m also a big believer in the gut, the GI tract, being a big source of illness and disease. I offer a functional test for the GI tract that other GI specialists do not.”These extensive tests often uncover hidden issues that were left untreated for years, allowing the doctor to help people in specialized, unique ways.“I’ve been able to solve problems patients have had for years,” explained Dr. Sanchez, “by finding the root cause and treating it instead of just the symptoms.”His end goal is to maximize the vitality of his patients. Advancements in medicine today can help people live well into their 80s, but at what quality of life?“My goal is to keep my patients vibrant, healthy, active outdoors, mentally sharp, free of inflammation and joint pain,”Dr. Sanchez explained. “It’s overall wellness we are trying to achieve here, not just medicated relief from symptoms.”Dr. Sanchez’ testing and evaluation methods have helped him design a weight loss plan for his patients derived from measuring the amount of leptin in the body, a hormone that controls fat metabolism. If a patient is leptin resistant, traditional dieting methods simply will not work. By normalizing the amount of leptin in the body through diet, Dr. Sanchez’ patients have experienced dramatic and continuous weight loss.Dr. Sanchez also addresses the thyroid and adrenal glands jointly rather than independently. The two are intimately intertwined.“In standard primary or internal care, even endocrinologists, don’t address the thyroid completely and ignore the adrenal portion, or they diagnose someone with an autoimmune thyroid disease but don’t follow through with nutrition recommendations for patients.”Dr. Sanchez takes a different approach to medication for thyroid issues, prescribing natural supplements and amino acids that the thyroid needs to operate correctly including Selenium, L-Tyrosine and Iodine.“We try these supplements right off the bat to make sure that the thyroid is healthy and I’ve seen some pretty dramatic results,” stated Dr. Sanchez. “I’ve had patients that feel better than they have in 5-10 years.”The focus of Dr. Sanchez’s practice is achieving health and wellness inwardly, which in turn, will be reflected outwardly. Patricia Hernandez, RegisteredDr. Teofilo Sanchez consults with patient.Nurse and Office Manager at Alamo Ranch Integrative Medicine, works with Dr. Sanchez to help patients establish healthy routines to look and feel their best.“I help patients establish a better skin care routine,” Patricia explained. “If you don’t feel good on the inside, it’s hard to feel good on the outside – you have to be healthy to feel beautiful. It’s not just on the surface, everything comes to play when it comes to skin care.”Both Dr. Sanchez and Nurse Patricia are dedicated to getting to know their patients – inside and out – in order to help them feel and look better through the power of a holistic approach and integrative medicine.“I’ve always said two things – the first is that my payment is always a job well done,” explained Dr. Sanchez. “Practicing medicine the way I think it should be done and making sure I always take into account the questions that don’t get asked or answered.”“Secondly, I want to be a craftsman in the room of carpenters,” Dr. Sanchez continued. “In other words, the world is full of carpenters who can build things – houses and other things - but I want to be the craftsman who builds the antique clock that lasts 400 years. I want to be that guy in the physician world – the doctor who sets himself apart as a true craftsman, a true physician in the art of medicine.”11345 Alamo Ranch Parkway Suite 103, 78253 • 210-957-1693“I want to be the craftsman who builds the antique clock that lasts 400 years. I want to be that guy in the physician world – the doctor who sets himself apart as a true craftsman, a true physician in the art of medicine.” ~ Dr. Teofilo R. Sanchez III, MD40www.GreatNWGuide.com2017-2018Feature

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