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S-UContinued from page 38Speech Therapy*Speech & Language Center at Stone OakMedical Park at Stone Oak225 E. Sonterra Blvd, Suite 120 San Antonio, TX 78258(210) 495-9944 see ad pg. 46 Fax: (210) 495-2540 www.stoneoakspeech.comMedical DirectoryMedical DirectoryHCNA/151RBUSOINMEALSASOptimal Health - cont. from page 36of overweight individuals compared to naturally slender or thin people. By prescribing her patients a wide variety of probiotics and recommending a diet filled with fermented foods like yogurt, sauerkraut, corned beef and kombucha tea, Dr. Becker’s patient have experienced dramatic weight loss results.“For some of my patients, this has been quite amazing and really helped decrease their appetite,” explained Dr. Becker. “It seems like a simple fix, but if you don’t know the fix, it’s not so simple.”Diet is an extremely important building block in the journey to living a full and comfortable life. Ideally, we receive all the vitamins we need through a vegetable- based diet of home-cooked, mostly organic meals – but that is difficult, if not impossible, for most people to achieve. In such cases, a well- rounded multivitamin and a B12 supplements may be beneficial. Vitamin D is also key for bones and the health of the immune system. Fish Oil is also important, helping to prevent blood clots and shown to help treat depression.prescribing bioidentical hormones based on blood levels. Hormones are the basis of everything, you can eat right and exercise, but if you have low hormone levels, your level of wellness just won’t be as good. Everyone deserves the opportunity to feel and look healthy, comfortable and well.”Enhancement of LifeDr. Donna Becker 14603 Huebner Rd, Suite 2601 San Antonio, TX 78230 www.antiagingsa.comGold Charter MemberPromptu, urgent care designed for u. Promptu, urgent care designed for u. Promptu, urgent care designed for u.Faster, low cost alternativeLOCATIONS NEAR U LOCATIONS NEAR U LOCATIONS NEAR UFaster, low cost alternativeFaster, low cost alternative888-577-4424 888-577-4424to an ER an ER visit.8p8r8om-5p7tu7ca-4re4.c2om4 promptucare.comGold MemberAt Texas Pediatric Specialties and Family Sleep Center, we treat illnesses in adults and children while addressing its effects on function, day and night.Our mission is: To provide exceptional care in the fields of pediatric pulmonology, pediatric neurology and adult & sleep medicine. To offer personal service in a culture that is patient and family oriented.Five Convenient Locations To Serve You:Nix Alamo Heights • New Braunfels • Westover Hills • Two Locations In Shavano Park210-249-5020 • www.txmss.comto an ER visit.• OPEN 7 Days a• O8PamEN–8p7mDWayeseakdWayesek • OPEN 7 Days a Week81a0ma–m8–p8mpmWSeaetkudradyasy/Sunday 8am–8pm WeekdaysBulverdeBulverde19750 HWY 46 W Suite 104 19750 HWY 46 W28128128110am–8pm Saturday/Sunday10am–8pm Saturday/SundayNew Braunfels• Walk-Ins Welcome • Walk-Ins WelcomeBulverdeNew Braun337337• Walk-Ins Welcome• X-Ray Facility EKG & LabBoerneBoerNew Braunfels• X-Ray Facility EKG & Lab • X-Ray Facility EKG & Lab • We Service All Agesn19750 HWY 46 W Suite 104SchertzSchertz• We Service All Ages46464612tz• We Service All Ages• We Accept Personal Checks,Suite 118 E Band1e6ra04Rd16048• WMeCA, Vcicseap, mt PoestrsinosnuarlaCnchecpklsa,ns, • We Accept Personal Checks,11823 Culebra Rd Suite 105 11823 Culebra Rd 118S2u3iteC1u0le5bra Rd Suite 105160416041604410 16044104101264 FM78 1S2u6it4eF1M1758 Suite 115MinCc,luVdisinag, mTroicsatriensurance plans, MC, Visa, most insurance plans,Carmel Canyon Carmel Carmelincluding Tricare410 151410410including TricareCHRISTUS Promptu Immediate Care complies with applicable Federal civil rights law andCdHoReISsTnUoSt dPirsocrmimpitnuaItmemonedthiaetebaCsaisreofcoramcep,liceoslowri,thnatpiopnliaclaobrleigiFne,daegrea,ldcisvailbrilgithyt,solrawsexa.nd CHRISTUS Promptu Immediate Care complies with applicable Federal civil rights law andFollow usdoes not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, age, disability, or sex.Follow usdoes not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, age, disability, or 2017-2018CanyonSan AntonioCanyon151San Antonio104610101201 S Main StUrgent Care*Promptu Immediate Care11823 Culebra , Suite 105 San Antonio, TX 78253(210) 598-1517 see ad pg. 42 Fax: (210) 598-1536 www.promptucare.comDr. Becker also examines thyroid levels to help explain symptoms like depleted energy, lack of focus, feeling cold all the time, and a slower metabolism which patients may be experiencing if their thyroid levels are too low.“The thyroid is another gland, and the output declines as we age,” explained Dr. Becker. “But if we can bring that level up to a mid-level or normal range, it can really benefit patients.”New patients see Dr. Becker four times in their first year of treatment, spending an hour to an hour and half with the doctor at each visit. Follow up blood work helps her monitor patient progress and make adjustments when needed. Her first priority is to get to know each and every patient while developing detailed and extensive records - doing everything in her power to help each patient achieve optimal wellness.“It may sound strange, but I treat wellness,”explained Dr. Becker. “I help people achieve wellness and remain well through counseling them on exercise and nutrition and151San AntonioBoreASSOCIATION Building Business*Alamo Ranch /151Business Association MembereSe 118464646n46fuite1 12S0u1iteS1M1a8in StE Bandera Rd120E Bandera Rdain St S MSSuite 104461659 HWY 46 W Suite 160 1659 HWY 46 W 165S9uHiteW1Y6046 W Suite 160353535Follow us787878Suite 115337elsc64FMhe7rPediatric Pulmonology - Pediatric Neurology Adult/Pediatric Sleep MedicineUrgent CareSMainStMSainMSaitnStCulebra RdCulebra RdCulebra Rd

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