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Places Of WorshipMethodistHelotes Hills United Methodist Church13222 Bandera Rd.Helotes, TX 78023Worship: Sunday 8:30am and 11am(210) 695-3761www.hhumc.comNorthwest Hills United Methodist Church7575 Tezel RdSan Antonio, TX 78250Pastor: David TrawickWorship: See website for all worship times. (210) 681-3751www.nwhills.orgTrinity United Methodist Church6800 Wurzbach RdSan Antonio, TX 78240Pastor: Rev. Bob ClarkWorship: Early traditional service Sunday 8:45am, Late service 11am(210) 684-0261www.tumcsa.netUniversity United Methodist Church5084 De Zavala RdSan Antonio, TX 78249Pastor: Ben TrammellWorship: See website for all worship times. (210) 696-1033www.theu.orgNazareneCrossRoads Community Church5834 Ray EllisonSan Antonio, TX 78242 Pastor: Lee YoungWorship: Sunday 10:40am (210) 634-4500“His will. His way. My Faith.”~ Jeremiah 29:11PresbyterianForest Hills Presbyterian Church13200 Bandera Rd Helotes, TX 78023 Pastor: Reuben Lashley Worship: Sunday 10:30am (210) 695-3123 www.fhpconline.orgGrace Orthodox Presbyterian Church5602 Utex BlvdSan Antonio, TX 78249Pastor: Nathan J. Hornfeld Worship: Sunday 11am and 5pm (210) 690-6360 www.sagrace.orgNorthminster Presbyterian Church6800 Tezel RdSan Antonio, TX 78250 Pastor: Carla Matthews Worship: Sunday 10:30am (210) 680-4825 www.npcsatx.orgOak Hills Presbyterian Church6739 Callaghan Rd.San Antonio, TX 78229Pastor: Rev. Katheryn Barlow-Williams Worship: Sunday 10:30am(210) 342-0271 www.oakhillspresbyterian.comUniversity Presbyterian Church300 Bushnell Ave.San Antonio, TX 78212Pastor: Dr. Ted WardlawWorship: Sunday 8:30am and 11am. (210) 732-9927www.upcsa.orgQuakerReligious Society of Friends7052 N. VandiverSan Antonio, TX 78209 Worship: Sunday 10am (210) 945-8456 www.sanantonioquakers.orgT he celebration of Holy Communion is a thread that links all Christians. Thedepiction of Holy Communion on television and in movies routinely shows the Catholic celebration, so many are familiar with how Catholics receive the Eucharist. But members of other Christian churches celebrate the sacrament differently.LutheranLutheran beliefs are similar tothose of Catholics, but there aresome differences in the vocabularyused to describe the Eucharist. Theterm “transubstantiation” is notused in the Lutheran Church todescribe the change of the breadand wine into Christ. Furthermore,Catholics maintain the practice ofreserving communion wafers in thetabernacle, believing that Christ isstill present. According to BustedHalo, an online magazine for spiritualseekers, Lutherans do not believethat the presence of Christ continues in the bread and wine after the time of the Eucharistic celebration.OrthodoxOrthodox Christians believe that the Eucharist is a sacrament, but they refer to it as a “mystery” rather than a “sacrament.” Followers accept the Real Presence of the Eucharist but do not attempt to explain how this change occurs. The service is commonly known as the Divine Liturgy in many Orthodox churches.Reformed and PresbyterianPresbyterian and Reformed denominations have a different view of the Eucharist. Derived from the teachings of John Calvin, Reformed and Presbyterian churches teach that Christ is not literally present in the bread and wine. Instead, Presbyterians believe that Christ is spiritually present and is received with the power of the Holy Spirit for the faithful.Baptists and Other GroupsBaptists and similar denominations largely view The Lord’s Supper as a remembrance of Christ’s suffering. According to the spiritual resource Christianity in View, many deny any form of physical or spiritual presence of Christ in the bread and wine.Some churches offer Communion every day or once per week. Others do it less often. Celebrants may walk up to the altar to receive from a common cup and bowl, while others pass around the Eucharist among parishioners. What’s distributed also may be different. Fruit juice may be substituted for wine.No matter how the Eucharist is shared and celebrated, it remains a sacred component of church ceremonies.“Kind words are like honey- sweet to the soul andhealthy for the body.” ~ Proverbs 63Worship

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