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Government OfficesMayor US SenatorsCounty CommissionersTexas State RepresentativeATexas State SenatorState Board Of EducationUS SenatorsUS House of RepresentativesGrey ForestMayor Ron Reinhard Grey Forest City Hall 18502 Scenic Loop Rd Grey Forest, TX 78023 (210) 695-3261HelotesMayor Tom Schoolcraft 12951 Bandera Road Helotes, Texas 78023 (210) 695-8877 www.helotes-tx.govLeon ValleyMayor Chris Riley6400 El Verde RdLeon Valley, TX 78238(210) 684-1391 ext. 218 www.leonvalleytexas.govSan AntonioP.O. Box 839966San Antonio, TX 78283Constituent Services: (210) 207-7107 Mayor’s Comment Line: (210) 207-2280 Cruz9901 IH-10W, Suite 950 San Antonio, TX 78230 (210) 340-2885 www.cruz.senate.govJoaquin Castro727 E. Cesar E. Chavez Blvd Suite B-128San Antonio, TX 78206 (210) 348-8216 HurdOne University Way, Suite 202A San Antonio, TX 78224 (210) 784-5023 MenendezDistrict 264522 Fredericksburg Road, A-3 San Antonio TX 78201 (210) 733-6604Justin Rodriguez District 1256502 Bandera Rd, Suite 104 San Antonio, TX 78238 (210) 521-7100Ken Mercer - District 5P.O. Box 781301San Antonio, TX 78278-1301 (512) 463-9007Email: www.tea.state.tx.usccording to, the American flag should be raised quickly and loweredslowly and ceremoniously. While the Flag Code suggests the flag should be displayed only between sunrise and sunset, if it is displayed at night, it should be illuminated. The flag should be saluted as it is hoisted, and when lowered that salute should be held until the flag is unsnapped from the halyard or through the final note of music, whichever is the longest. When displayed indoors, the flag should be displayed to the right of the speaker, staging area or sanctuary. Any additional flags hanging in the room should always hang to the left of the American flag. When flags are grouped for display, the American flag should be in the center and at the highest point of any flag.In mourningThe American flag is often displayed in mourning. When placing the flag at half staff, firsthoist it to the peak foran instant before lowering it to a position halfway between the top and bottom of the staff. During mourning, when the time comes to lower the flag, it should once again be momentarily raised to the peak before it is lowered.The American flag is flown at half staff when mourning designated, principal government leaders. It also must be flown at half staff upon presidential or gubernatorial order. When covering a casket, the American flag should be placed with the union at the head and over the left shoulder. The flag should never be lowered into the grave.Parading the flagWhen the American flag is carried in a procession, such as in a parade, the flag should always be to the right of the marchers when it is the lone flag being represented. When other flags are carried, the American flag may be centered in front of the others or carried to their right. Parade audiences should salute the flag as it passes in the procession.Flag restrictionsThere are many conditions under which the American flag is not to be used. These include:• The flag should never be used as a decoration. Use bunting to decorate with the colors of the American flag, always ensuring the blue stripe of the bunting is on top.• The flag should not be used as part of advertising. The flag also should not be embroidered, printed or impressed on articles such as cushions, napkins, boxes, or anything considered temporary that is likely to be discarded after use.• The flag should not be used as part of a costume. The uniforms of military personnel, firemen, policemen, and members of patriotic organizations are permitted to wear American flag insignias on their uniforms. •Theflagisnottobeusedasa receptacle to carry, deliver, hold, or receive anything.The American flag is an enduring symbol of freedom and sacrifice to millions of people across the globe. The flag should always be displayed with the utmost respect and in adherence to the guidelines set forth by the Flag Code.Raising And Lowering The FlagPrecinct 1Chico Rodriguez(210) 335-2611 2Paul Elizondo(210) 335-2612 3Kevin A. Wolff(210) 335-2613 Cornyn600 Navarro, Suite 210 San Antonio, TX 78205 (210) 224-7485 www.cornyn.senate.gov80www.GreatNWGuide.com2017-2018Government

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